Get Access to Bots Built in UBot

Members get access to real-world Ubot Studio bots and their source code, the ones we have now + ALL bots we release in the future!

FREE access when you either:

Option #1 - buy Ubot Studio Developer Edition through our affiliate link

- or -

Option #2trade-in a bot with us!

Instant Access to Bots Built in UBot

Members get access to real-world Ubot Studio bots and their source code, the ones we have now + ALL bots we release in the future!

 FREE access when you either:

Option #1 - buy Ubot Studio Developer Edition through our affiliate link

- or -

Option #2trade-in a bot with us!

Learn From Example

Finally see how real world bots are being built, so you can speed up your own bot's production.

Steal Custom Functions & Commands

Copy and paste whatever features or functions you want to replicate into your own bots.

Build Better Bots Faster

Spend less time guessing how it's done and more time producing.

Some of The Bots You Get

Here are some of the bots included with Membership. They are built in Ubot Studio and come complete with a UI and documentation so you know what's what and how to run it like it's your own. This is hands down the BEST way to learn Ubot Studio.

Every SEO Wishes They Had This Bot - Uncover Every Post, Page, and Custom Post Type Published on a Wordpress Site - Even Hidden Ones!

This bot connects to a Wordpress site's REST API to discover all of the publicly available content. If you work with Wordpress or do SEO this is a simple yet effective tool for your arsenal. Complete bot and source code is inside. Learn from it, tweak it, build upon it!

Inside Rest Explorer:

  • How to send settings to a compiled bot through the command line, for speed and control.
  • All source code for the bot, with comments in it and documentation for it so you learn how everything works.
  • How to interact with a API and parse valuable JSON.

A Nifty Bot That Generates Static HTML Files For A Wordpress Site - Replaces Bulky Caching Plugins

Currently being used to replace expensive and resource intensive caching plugins on many of our own Wordpress sites. You get the complete bot and the source code inside!

Inside Static Generator:

  • An excellent example of how XAML is used to build professional looking UI.
  • How to integrate smaller bots into larger bots.
  • How to license trial copies of a bot so you can let users try before they buy!

More on the Way

We are committed to delivering you the very best collection of Ubot bots in the world. Bots will be added regularly to ensure you get continuous value from your membership.

These Bots Will Teach You:

  • How to create awesome HTML UI's and professional XAML layouts for bots.
  • How to license bots for both trial and paid licenses.
  • Where and how to find unlimited bot ideas.
  • How to use databases with your bots WITHOUT having to use SQL queries.
  • How to connect to API's like Cloudflare, Cpanel, ShareaSale, and more, to build helpful automation tools.
  • How to scrape a website without having to use or know XPATH.
  • How to gameify bots to give users a chance to earn points!

 ...and much, much more we wish we could share!

Fast-Track Your Botting

Why put thousands of hours into painfully piecing everything together yourself, when you can simply use our bots to get your projects rolling?

So much time is saved when use real-world examples to gain insight from!

  • Access custom functions and commands that will drastically speed up your own botting...
  • See how real-world bot's are laid out and organized to maximize readability and development...
  • Discover how Ubot bots are made to look like legit software, and NOT Ubot bots...
  • Access highly detailed documentation that tells you exactly what everything is, how it works, so you can then reproduce the same stuff in your own bots!

Get Access By Doing 1 Little Thing

You get access to bots developed in Ubot Studio that you can use to learn from and build upon to speed up your botting. Plus, you get all bots we release in the future. You can't find this anywhere else. Plus, we made it beneficial for everyone to be apart of this. When members share bots, we all win.

We do it this way because we are committed to building a resource where every botter wins! So, step up and take your botting in the right direction. Join us by completing one of the options below.

1 Thing = 1 Year

Once you join you will receive a full year of access, at the end you will have the option to renew your membership by contributing again to the community.  You may submit a new bot or a new version of an existing one. This is a different way of doing things but it's a way to keep active botters around only and new bots coming in. Each accepted submission you make is 1 year of access, so you may contribute multiple bots to earn multiple years of access.

UPDATE: Membership is currently not open at this time but you may enter your email to be notified when it is. This update was added July 24, 2021.

Option #1

Become a Member: 

Buy Ubot Studio Through Our Affiliate Link

Buy Ubot Studio Developer Edition through our affiliate link, we get a commission and you get free membership. It's like a bonus for buying something you were going to get anyway!

It's simple, just click the button and follow the instructions...

How it works...

Step 1. Fill out the form to unlock our ubot studio affiliate link.

Step 2. Use our affiliate link to purchase Ubot Studio Developer Edition

Step 3. Come back here and finish the form by uploading a screenshot of your Ubot Studio email receipt

We then confirm your purchase and then email you the login details for Source Ultra! 

We confirm purchases by looking at the timestamp of your order in the screenshot of the receipt, the transaction ID, your email address, and name. 

We then verify this against the name, email, and timestamp of when you started and submitted the form above. If these match up then the final step is to confirm Ubot indeed paid us a commission for your order by checking our affiliate dashboard.

There will be a few unannounced bonuses for you to check out as you wait for us to confirm your purchase -which should be done in within 12 hours.

Option #2

Become a Member: 

Trade-in a Bot You Built With Ubot

Contribute one of your own Ubot bots to the site to get free membership and glory if it's good enough to be added to the bot directory.

Click the button and get that bot ready, you'll need it to fill out a small form...

How it works...

The submission form is broken up into 3 small sections. In all it should take 15-30 minutes to fill out depending on how much information you have ready for your bot.

Expect to spend 15+ minutes on your submission.

A description is required for your bot, as are a list of instructions. These will take the longest time for people to fill out because it’s not something many botters have ready.

We ask that you make your instructions to be as detailed as possible. We’ll need to test-drive your bot, to confirm it is working.

Spending time on your instructions, making sure they are thoughtful and helpful will help us confirm your bot far more quickly than if we have to figure it out alone.

We will send out your login info once your bot is confirmed to be working.

Have Questions? Get Answers

How Long Do I Get Access
Both of the above activities for joining grants users 1 year access to the membership area where they can download bots and access other members-only resources. After that year is up they will have the opportunity to earn another year free membership by submitting a bot created by themselves to the site.
Is This a Trick of Some Sort
No! Not at all. As an affiliate marketer and avid user of Ubot Studio, I wanted to do something different. I know how costly tools like Ubot are, and saw how there weren't enough examples of functional bots available for download. This is a shame because we all buy Ubot to build an army of bots -and that's why this site exists. We get to still earn a little something from affiliate commissions, and you most importantly don't have to spend a cent! Not only that, but everyone benefits when someone submits a bot to the site for everyone to access. It's win-win-win.
Why is There No Paid Option
We wanted to make something that encouraged members to contribute, so the site could grow and provide continual value as new members joined. Both options for joining give new users more out of their purchase of Ubot, and gives existing botters a chance to trade bots (knowledge) in exchange for access to bots on the site. This gives everyone the chance to help build something with lasting value, while also growing their own bot army.
Are The Bots Even Any Good
I can personally attest to how long it takes to create a great bot. Great bots are built to handle errors well, and can be easily added into other bots because they are well documented and built for regular use. Many of the bots here have been developed over many months, and continue to be improved. So, to answer your question -yes, these bots are well worth the cost for membership!
Why Do I Need to Buy Ubot Studio Developer Edition
You'll need the developer edition to compile bots into a .exe, so you can run a true bot army. There's also special commands it offers that are used in many of the bots on the site. Lastly, the amount of value on this site wouldn't be worth giving away for anything less than the commission we earn from the developer edition.
What Will You Do With The Bots I Trade-in
The plan is to add them to the site so all members can access them, while also giving credit to the members that submitted them. We may however, choose to not add it to the site if it is too similar to another bot, or isn't polished off enough. Regardless of what we decide you still get membership, and we hope you will continue improving your submissions until they are good enough to be made available to all members. There are benefits to having your bot submission made public to members, in the form of giveaways and contests, and we will be sure to let you know about them in the future when they are ready.
Why Would You Give Away Bots
I use the bots I've added here on my own projects, and am more interested in building more bots to automate those projects than I am in selling them as another business. It made sense to build a place where I and others could share bots, so we can learn from each other and continue building bots for our projects.
Who Are You Anyway
I am a fellow botter with an interest in trading bots with fellow botters. I've owned Ubot for several years and want to grow an army of bots, just like you. See why I got into botting to learn more.
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