In 2020, the world changed, a lot. Your world, my world, our world. It’s tough to say where things are going, but maybe history can give us an idea.

There’s a period I’m thinking of where human-replacing technology made significant leaps forward, which left many without jobs.

This period was the 19th century industrial revolution, when human laborers started losing jobs to factory machines. It was during it, the term ‘Luddite’ was born.

Back then, a Luddite was someone who hated machines and made it their goal to destroy them. It was the textile machines on the factory floor they particularly hated.

Today, a Luddite is someone who generally hates technology and the new ways it makes us work. The Luddite of today fears AI, IoT, machine learning and automation.

But who hasn’t feared tech at some point in their life?

I think everyone becomes a Luddite at some point. They get so fed up with technology and the new ways it forces us to work that we swear it all off, forever.

Forever, meaning tomorrow, or the next hour realistically. We know we can’t give tech up forever because it is an integral part of our lives now.

In the 19th century, laborers feared technology because it replaced them in factories. While this is still happening today, there is one very important differentiating factor that many people continue to overlook.

Today, we get to build the machines. Anyone can build their own machine to automate work.

In this century, tech is freely available and largely democratized. It isn’t solely limited to the rich and powerful like it was in the 19th century.

ANYONE can learn how to use it to their advantage.

We can build our own machines.

My Story

A couple years ago, I was at risk of becoming a Luddite.

I wanted to give up on tech. I had spent so much money on software and plugins that flat out didn’t work, or how I needed them too, or stopped working after a year. This was stuff I relied on to run my online business.

Competition in my space got fierce. Not only was there more competition, but they were better equipped, had more funding, and could afford the best. I stopped seeing the point in continuing, so I sold my online business and took a break.

During this break, I took a long hard look at myself, how I was working and what needed to change to become unstoppable. I realized something that changed my entire outlook on work and life…

I’m just another guy using tech he doesn’t understand to accomplish 100% of his work…

And THAT was truly scary.

You know who else pushes buttons on devices they don’t understand? Trained monkeys.

I didn’t want to be a monkey pushing buttons hoping for a reward. And yet, a lot of us think this is OK.

In this day and age, we are taught to ignore this line of thinking. That it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how something works, just use it anyway! Who cares!

But all this thinking does is put the technically challenged majority at the mercy of the brilliant minority; grovelling at their feet, begging for help, paying them more and more.

If you ever wondered how Bill Gates got so rich, this is how. It’s also why HALF of the 10 richest people in the world are tech entrepreneurs.

If I was going to continue, I needed to stop being a careless dolphin that relies on the technical expertise of others, and become the person that can build and fix essential components himself.

While learning more about development and programming, I eventually settled into botting, which today is becoming more widely known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), or Business Process Automation (BPA).

The world of botting is well-suited for entrepreneurs that have a decent understanding of software and development, who need to automate business processes in a way that doesn’t require them becoming an expert programmer.

The Need For Automation

There’s a saying:

2 is 1 and 1 is none.

If you want to build a sustainable business, or consistently produce quality work, full control over all moving parts is critical. When full control isn’t possible, then creating backup solutions that kick in should a component stop working will save you money, time, sanity, and life.

Having control and redundancy makes you unstoppable. It substantially improves your competitiveness, which in turn builds confidence in your business and work. You become confident because you are unstoppable.

I craved that confidence, and so I chose to learn how to build my own bots.

Why This Site

The #1 reason why people buy tools like Ubot Studio is so they can build an army of bots to automate their work. Yet, there’s very few functional examples of bots available to learn from. There’s practically nowhere to get good bots for an army.

Source Ultra was started because there was need for such a place. Where newbies could see how bots are built, and seasoned vets could get ideas, share knowledge, and everyone could find beneficial bots to use.

And of course it needed to be free, so anyone who’s broke like I was when I started botting could still get their hands on functional bots without accumulating more debt.

So this site was made, and I invite you to get involved. Here you can download Ubot bots to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how licensing, trials, UI, custom functions and commands can be done.

Use what you learn and find in your own bots. Submit your own bots to help others. Build better bots, faster!

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