How Long Does it Take to Be a PRO at Ubot Studio? 

 July 18, 2021

By  Reed

This is usually the mission we embark on after purchasing Ubot Studio. We often think things are going to go well and that botting will be easy. We think that it’s as easy as point and click, but it’s not.

Unfortunately botting takes a lot of time to learn. The reality is that it actually takes longer to become a pro botter than it does to learn to code well. Coding tools can finish your sentences and guess what you are typing. Writing code today is far easier than it was in the stone ages. You have access to practically millions of tutorials online that are waiting to teach you how to write code. There are videos and huge numbers of support groups for asking questions and getting help from. The hardest part with coding is knowing when and where to use what. This is exactly the same thing you learn with botting, but there are far fewer resources to help you learn botting, which brings me to the next point.

Botting is STILL in it’s Infancy

It may even be in the stone age. It’s a pimple faced teenager with a squeaky voice that is terrible at socializing and doesn’t know what it wants to be yet.  Of course, this is a bit of an exaggeration, but the point is that botting still has a long way to go before it truly becomes easy. I’m not actually sure that can happen, but I do have some hope.  Think of how much Windows has changed over the years. It’s sort of a matter of perspective on whether it’s actually becoming easier to use or has become too restricting. It’s a difficult balance to strike. When you make something simple you run the risk of oversimplifying it and it becoming less useful. This is the problem with botting. There’s currently no easy way to learn it because in order to be useful a botting tool MUST have hundreds of commands and functions to help you automate just about anything, which makes it complicated. Finding that balance is hard, which is why botting tools are either too basic or too complicated. 

You Learn The What Where And Why to Do Both

Both coding and botting take learning “order”. You must know when to use what and where to use it, which makes it more like puzzle solving. This demands a lot of hands on practice, so you can create working memory of what works where when. You have to know what functions and commands work together in a botting tool the same way you’d learn how to use the functions available in a programming language. All this takes time. It isn’t something you will master overnight. As long as botting remains in the teenager phase, becoming a pro will be difficult. There’s simply not enough information available to make learning botting as easy as learning to code. 

Botting Tools Are CODE

Botting tools are inherently made with code and follow coding practices that are built into the functions and commands the botting tool has. There’s a lot of crossover between the two. There’s global and local variables, and lists and tables which are data types in coding. There’s really no reason to think one is different than the other. When you learn to build bots you learn the basic principles of coding. And to be a really great botter you will need to learn coding. It will always be that way. 

Becoming a Pro is NOT Easy

Botting is not easy because you must learn to code if you want to make powerful bots. There’s no way around it. This makes botting even more difficult than learning to code, because not only do you have to learn the when where and what of the botting tool you are using but ALSO the when where what of coding!

Expect to Devote 5+ Years

It’s difficult to say how long it will take anyone to become a pro at anything because we all come to the table with varying degrees of skills and time. However, a rockstar Windows user will take less time than someone that’s only used a smartphone their entire life.  There’s a significant advantage to learning code and botting when you have excellent computer skills. Everything takes you less time to accomplish because you are comfortable using a computer. 

A rough estimate I would give is 5 years. 10 years ago it took 10 years to become a pro, today it can be done in 5.  The pros before you made your life easier because they have left a trail of breadcrumbs. They share their hard-won knowledge and those after them get to benefit. In 5 years it will take even less, but that’s only if botting tools can figure out how stop being teenagers.


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